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When you click on the blue links,  the first page you will usually see will be a page with exercises. After you've tried doing these, click on the link to the worksheet at the bottom of the page and you will find Viv's explanations on this area of the English language. Then go back and check your answers.

Worksheets suitable for beginner, elementary & pre-intermediate students.

'To be' worksheet- Beginner

Questions + verb 'to be' worksheet? - Elementary

Gerund or infinitive? - Pre-intermediate

'Have' worksheet- Pre-intermediate

Worksheets suitable for intermediate students.

Comparatives, superlatives and in/equality

Gerund or infinitive? - Intermediate

'Have' worksheet- Intermediate

Indirect speech

The narrative tenses 1

Stative verbs 1

When do I use the perfect tenses?

Worksheets suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced students.

The English tense system

Future tenses

Gerund or infinitive?

'Have' worksheet- Upper-intermediate +

Indirect and reported speech

Linking words

Modal verbs

Possessive 's'

Question formation in English

Stative verbs 2

The narrative tenses 2

The present perfect simple and continuous

Word order in English

Viv's BON (Back of Notebook) Database has been designed to help you learn and test a wide range of grammatical areas which students often find difficult. For more information and free download page, click on the link below.

Viv's BON Database