Viv's BON Database (Version 3.58)


What's new in version3.58?

For students with over 300 expressions on their database, it is now possible to jump 100 expressions (either from the front or in reverse order) when testing. This makes it possible to test over 400 expressions in four separate tests (100 expressions in each test. In the teacher's copy of the program ($10 - see Advanced Database Options), the same database can now be used for preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English, Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency in  English examinations. The help files for these sections have also been updated.

Previous changes

It is now possible to export all the contents of your BON Database to a Microsoft Excel file. To do this, click on the 'Print All' button, select 'No' and 'Ok'. The file will appear on your C drive as a file called: 'My_BON_Database_Content.csv'. Double clicking on this file will open it in Excel. In the teacher's copy of the program ($10 - see Advanced Database Options), the same database can now be used for preparation for both the Cambridge First Certificate in English, Cambridge Advanced English and Cambridge Proficiency examinations. Words and expressions from previous levels are still accessable using the 'DBA' key. After clicking on the 'Delete your  previous guesses?' button, you now receive the option to cancel the operation by selecting 'No'. All sections of the database can now be tested in reverse order. If you select 'Cancel' when told that you have to delete your previous guesses, a 'Reverse order testing' button will appear.

What is it?

An electronic notebook for learning and testing English grammar and functions. The program includes the following areas: metalanguage, articles, false friends, gerund v infinitive, idioms and slang, irregular verbs, make v do, phrasal verbs, prepositions, pronunciation, punctuation, spelling mistakes, uncountable nouns, USA v UK English, prefixes and suffixes and sections for learning and testing difficult structures in the English language. The program comes with examples structures for all sections and 19 English punctuation marks ready for learning and testing. See screenshots of the program. The program can also be used as a personal dictionary because you can search all the words or meanings in your database. See the BON Database information page for details.

 Who is it for?

Language learners of any language which uses the Latin script ( it will works with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other non-Latin scripts). The program could also be used by people studying other subjects

Language teachers can prepare grammatical practice exercises usually including context sentences in English. These exercises can be 'locked' so that they can't be edited or deleted, and then tested either in class or at home, providing the students have a copy of the program on their computers. Teachers can also set the program to automatically record test scores. There are four alternative sections for students preparing for the Cambridge English examinations: FCE, CAE & CPE, and the program can be set to revise and test only words after a certain point, if a student starts a new vocabulary notebook (These functions are not available in the free student's copy of the program).

 How does it work?

Simple! You write the words and expressions you want to learn, along with their meanings in your language and a context sentence. Whenever you want to, you can test all or groups of words, and the program will allow you to record your test scores if you want to. Remembering 60% of your words and expressions is considered a 'pass'. After testing, you can see the words you got wrong, and the correct answer. There is a comprehensive help system which includes links to worksheets on Viv's web site (see 'Requirements').

This program has been designed to be used in conjunction with Viv's notebook organisation, but however your notebook is organised, you will still be able to use Viv's BON Database to help you improve your grammatical knowledge of the English language.


The Free version of the program is 980kb in size. There are also 4 help files (general English, Cambridge FCE, CAE & CPE). If you keep these help files in the same folder as your database, you can get help by pressing the 'F1' key.  Disk space isn't a problem with the BON Database. It's been tested with over 2,000 words and expressions and its size was no more that 1.2mb. If you've got Microsoft Access 2010 on your computer, you can download the file "Viv's BON Database version 3.53 - General English (Windows 7 or 8)". After downloading the program, follow the instructions on the download page for this program. If you haven't got Access, which comes with the Microsoft Access Professional software suite, you can still use your Viv's BON Database program by downloading a free 'runtime' version of the program ( from Viv's download page + the 'runtime file' from the Microsoft web site and following the instructions on the download page listed below.


You'll find the installation instructions on the download page.

To receive a free copy of Viv's BON Database (students' program) download page.

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