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Viv uses an up-to-date version of Norton 360, regularly checks his computer and can guarantee that his database files have neither viruses nor malicious code. 

Vocabulary database information page

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The two files below are designed to run on any computer with the Windows operating system (sorry Apple users, these programs don't run on this system)

The programs need a free version of Microsoft Access called a 'Runtime Version'. This file is too big for Viv to store on his site, so you'll have to download it yourself using the link in the instructions below.

Click on the links below to download the Zip files to your desktop ('VVDBsetup' for Viv's Vocabulary Database; 'VBONsetup' for Viv's BON Database) (438kb) (581kb)

After the download, right-click the file and select 'Extract all', then click on 'Extract'.  A new window will now open and you'll see a folder called "Vivs_Vocabulary_Database_ver3-93" if you are installing the Vocabulary Database, and "Vivs_BON_Database_ver_3-5.3" for the BON Database. You can now delete the zipped files from your desktop.

Now go to the Microsoft Download Center using this link (or by typing "Microsoft Access 2010 runtime" into Google).

Click on the 'Download' button next to 'AccessRuntime.exe' and then click on the arrow next to 'Save' and choose 'Save as'. Navigate to your desktop and double click on the unzipped 'setup' file for either the Vocabulary or BON Database. Now double click on the 'Files' folder and select 'Save' (these are large files, so they may take some time to download).

When your web browser has finished downloading the program, click on the button 'Open folder' (if you want to install both programs, you can copy the 'AccessRuntime.exe' file to the 'Files' folder in your other database).

Now close the window and double-click on the folder for your BON or Vocab Database, and then double-click on the file called "setup". Now follow the instructions for installing the program (I recommend using the 'Typical' installation procedure).

When installation has finished, you can close the setup folder and you'll see an icon on your desktop with "My Vocab Database" or "My BON Database". Double-clicking these smiley faces will open the programs.

You can now delete both the unzipped setup folders.

If you have Microsoft Access 2010 on your computer and would like to use Viv's Database programs, download the files below and follow the instructions.

Viv's Vocabulary Database version 3.93 (zip file) (zip file = 168kb, unzipped = 872kb - 13th October 2012)

Viv's BON Database version 3.58 - General English (zip file)  (zip file 188kb, unzipped =  1,008kb - 15th September 2014)

Download the files to your desktop. Click once on the file with the left mouse button and then once with the right mouse button.

Select 'Extract all'. Make sure "Show extracted files when complete" is ticked and then click on 'Extract'. 

A new window will open and you'll see the Viv's Database file that you have downloaded. 

Left click on this file with the mouse, then right click and choose the 'Properties' option at the bottom of the list.

Next to 'Security' at the bottom of the window, there's a message which says "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." Next to this message is a button with "Unblock" written on it. Click on 'Unblock', 'Apply' and then 'Ok'.

Now create a new folder called 'BON Database' or 'Vocab Database' in the 'Documents' folder on your computer. Create another folder called 'Database backup'. Copy the file you have just unblocked to both the folders you have created. 

Now download the help file for the database (links to these files are at the bottom of this page) to the folder where your database is stored.

You can now delete both of the installation files on your desktop.

To open the files, go to the folder where they are stored and double click the file.

The first time you open this program, you will see a message which says "A potential security concern has been identified". This is because Viv's Database programs are written in Visual Basic Script. If you click on the 'Open' button, your Database will open and you'll be asked to type your first name. The program stores this name and uses it when you test your words. To avoid this initial warning message every time you open you database program, you have to add the folder where your database files are stored as a 'Trusted location'.  

To do this, open Microsoft Access 2010. Select 'Options', then 'Trust center'. Now click on the button called 'Trust Centre Settings'. Select 'Trusted locations' from the menu on the left and 'add a new location'. Browse to the folder where your databases are, select them and click 'Ok'. Next time you open your database, you should no longer see the annoying security message.

If you don't feel comfortable following the above instructions, use the 'runtime' version of the programs (VVDBsetup and VBONsetup).

If you download and use these programs, please leave a message in Viv's guest book letting him know. Any comments about these programs would be welcome.