Viv's Vocabulary Database (Version 3.8)


What's new in version3.8?

The new version highlights test scores in different colours: green for scores over 90% and red for scores below 60%. It is now possible to test in all words in reverse order without deleting your previous guesses. Any blank records created accidentally are now automatically removed.

What's new in the teachers' version?

When Viv's students finish a level, they automatically start a new vocabulary notebook. The new teacher's version allows the revising and testing of only the words which have been added to the student's database at the new level.

What is it?

An electronic notebook for learning and testing vocabulary. (see screenshots of the program)

Who is it for?

Language learners of any language which uses the Latin script (I don't know if it will work with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other non-Latin scripts. The program could also be used by people studying other subjects

Language teachers can prepare word lists including meanings in the students' native language and context sentences in English. These word lists can be 'locked' so that they can't be edited or deleted, and then tested either in class or at home, providing the students have a copy of Microsoft Access on their computers. Teachers can also set the program to automatically record test scores (These functions are not available in the free student's copy of the program).

How does it work?

Simple! You write the words and expressions you want to learn, along with their meanings in your language and a context sentence. Whenever you want to, you can test all or groups of words, and the program will allow you to record your test scores if you want to. Remembering 60% of your words and expressions is considered a 'pass'. After testing, you can see the words you got wrong, their context sentences and the correct answer.

 This program has been designed to be used in conjunction with Viv's notebook organisation, but however your notebook is organised, you will still be able to use Viv's Vocabulary Database to help you learn new words.


You'll need to have a copy of Microsoft Access (part of the Microsoft Office suite 2007) on your computer to be able to use this program. However, you don't need to know anything about using Access to use Viv's Vocabulary Database.

The Free version of the program comes as a Microsoft signed package file 173kb in size. When uncompacted, the size of the file is 868kb. There is also a help file: VVDBHelp.chm (16kb). If you keep this help file in the same folder as your database, you can get help by pressing the 'F1' key.  Disk space isn't a problem with the Vocabulary Database. It's been tested with over 2,000 words and expressions and its size was never more than 900kb. If you've got Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel on your computer, but aren't sure if you've got Access, download Viv's Vocabulary Database and when you open it by double-clicking on the file, it will automatically open Microsoft Access if you have this program. If you haven't got Access, which comes with the Microsoft Office Professional software suite, you can still use your Viv's Vocabulary Database program by downloading a free 'runtime' version of the program from the Microsoft web site. You'll find instructions on how to do this on the Database download page (see below).

The Vocabulary Database has been designed for use on computers with Windows XP or Windows 7 as the operating system and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If you are using a computer with Windows Millennium or Windows 98 (screen resolution 800 x 600), there are instructions in the help file (press F1) to show you how to run the program in full screen mode. For older versions of Microsoft Office, please use version 3.67 of the program. 


Windows 7

Create two folders on your computer called 'Vocab' and 'Vocab backup'.  Download the program to the Vocab backup folder by clicking on the link below. After the download has finished, select 'Open folder' ('Abrir pasta' in Portuguese). Double click on the 'Viv's vocabulary database' file, and a window will open with "Extract database to" at the top left. Select your 'Vocab' folder and click on 'Ok'. Your copy of Viv's Vocabulary Database should open with a request for you to type your name. After doing this, press 'Enter', then leave the program by pressing 'Escape'. Now download the help file for Viv's Vocabulary Database to your 'Vocab' folder. Next time you open your database, you can get help by pressing the F1 key. There are instructions on how to create a short cut to your Vocab Database on the internet help page. 

Windows XP

Before you can use the program, you may have to unblock it if your operating system if Microsoft XP. To do this, use the right mouse button to click the file once, then select 'Properties' and 'Unblock' ('Desbloquear' in Portuguese). Now click on 'Apply' and 'Ok'. Now  your database program will open if you double click it. If you want to make it easier to run the program, you can create a shortcut. Instructions on how to do this are in the 'Advanced features' of Viv's Vocabulary Database Internet Help. To see these instructions, click on the blue 'Internet help page' link at the bottom of the opening screen of the program.

To receive a free copy of Viv's Vocabulary Database (students' program) click on this link.

To buy a copy of the teacher's/language school version (teacher's version) click on this link

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