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Viv's Vocabulary Database and Viv's Back of Notebook Database download page - Teacher's version

There are teacher's versions of both the Vocab Database (see screenshot) and BON Database (see screenshot). These versions give access to the teacher's menu allowing the databases to be used more efficiently in the classroom. 

With the Vocab Database, this means that testing can be done without students able to leave the test page before finishing the test, and word groups can be prepared by the teacher, which students cannot change or delete. The teacher can also set the database only to test words which have been added after a determined point of time, so that when a student starts a new vocabulary notebook, only words in this notebook can be revised and tested. 

Before buying the program, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the free version of the programs, and that they are working satisfactorily on your computer. Also contact Viv using the guest book and let him know of your interest in buying the program.

What do I get if I buy Viv's Vocabulary Database?

The instructions and password (DBA key) to access the teacher's options will be sent to you by e-mail. Teachers and language schools will also receive a link by e-mail to a page on this site where they can download a version of the program saved as a Microsoft signed package allowing for multiple copies of the progam to be made and run on computers with the Microsoft Office Professional or Ultimate Suites (including Microsoft Access 2007).

Payments can be made on line using Paypal:

Viv's Vocabulary Database - Teacher's version

The BON Database teacher's options allow access to versions designed for preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English and Cambridge Advanced English Examinations.

Buying the teacher's version of Viv's BON database, gives you access to the Teacher's options and a version of the program enabling you to make multiple copies.

Viv's BON Database - Teacher's version