'Have' exercises - Upper-intermediate +


by Viv Quarry (www.vivquarry.com)


Make the following sentences negative.


E.g. He's got a dog.                            __He hasn't got a dog.


1. She's been to NY.                           _______________________________________________________


2. I have supper every night.               _______________________________________________________


3. She's got blue eyes.                         _______________________________________________________


4. They have to work very hard.         _______________________________________________________


5. You've got to make some tea.         _______________________________________________________


6. They had a swim.                            _______________________________________________________


7. We have enough money. (USA)     _______________________________________________________


8. We had the house painted.             _______________________________________________________


Put the following sentences into the past.


E.g. I'm having fun.                            I was having fun at the party.


1. I have a holiday every year.            ________________________ in London last year.


2. I've got a bike.                                ________________________ my first bike when I was 6.


3. I have to work hard.                       ________________________ when I was at university.


4. Have you ever been to France?       ________________________ to France last year?


5. How many kids have they got?      ________________________ Shakespeare have?


6. She hasn't got to go yet.                 ________________________ to go early.


7. They haven't got it.                         ________________________ it.


8. Has she had her hair cut?                ________________________ yesterday?


Change the following sentences into the present. Imagine the actions are happening now, so use the present continuous where possible. Also use 'have got' whenever possible.


E.g.      I had lunch with John.                        I'm having lunch with John.

            He had a headache.                             He's got a headache.


1. We had a good time at the party.               _________________________________________________


2. She didn't have much experience.              _________________________________________________


3. We had a lovely room at the hotel.             _________________________________________________


4. They didn't have any tea...                          _________________________________________________


5. .. so we had to have coffee.                                    _________________________________________________


6. Did you have any luck at the casino?         _________________________________________________


7. They had an argument.                               _________________________________________________


8. She didn't like having her photo taken.     _________________________________________________


Complete the following dialogues with the correct form of 'have'. When both 'have sth' and 'have got sth' are possible, use 'have got'.


"Rebecca, ______________ you ______________ a headache? You don't look very well."

"No, it's not that. I ______________ a baby and I feel sick."

"Congratulations! Do you want a boy or a girl?"

"Well, I______________ three boys, so it would be nice ______________ a girl this time."


"Jane, ______________  you ______________ any chocolate?"

"No, of course I______________ . I'm on a diet."

"You're joking. You______________ two bars of chocolate yesterday."

"I know., I______________ any willpower, but I really want to be slim for my holiday next month."


"Nick, I thought you______________ a company car. Why are you cycling to work?"

"I ______________ an accident last week. I drove through a red light and hit a police car."

"That's bad luck. ______________  you______________ go to court?"

"Yes, I will."


"______________ you ______________ any pets?"

"No, we ______________ . ______________ you?"

"Oh yes. I ______________ a dog all my life. At the moment I ______________ a dog and two cats."

"I'd love ______________ a dog, but I'm not sure about two cats!"


"Come on! We ______________ hurry. We're late!"

"But I ______________ my passport. I can't find it anywhere!"

"What! You ______________ it yesterday. ______________ a look in your bag."

"Thank goodness! Here it is."


"I'm looking forward to ______________ a few days' holiday. I ______________ so much work for the past couple of months, I ______________ a break for ages."

Thanks to a past edition of Headway Upper-intermediate for help with some of  these exercises.

For more practice, try the 'have' exercises at other levels.


Viv's 'Have' worksheet