'Have' exercises - Intermediate


by Viv Quarry (www.vivquarry.com)


Make sentences using 'have' from the prompts below (where possible use 'have got')


Example:         We/lunch early tomorrow?      Are we having lunch early tomorrow?


                        You/eat it all. We/dessert.       You don't have to eat it all. We've got dessert.


                        How many children/they?       How many children have they got?


                        I/not/a headache at the party. I didn't have a headache at the party.


1. You/the time?                                             ______________________________________________


2. Sorry. I/a watch.                                         ______________________________________________


3. We/some friends for dinner tonight.           ______________________________________________


4. Our cat/kittens every year.                          ______________________________________________


5. That cup/a crack in it!                                 ______________________________________________


6. I/a great time in London last week.            ______________________________________________


7. The buses were full. I/get a taxi home.       ______________________________________________


8. They/an argument when I arrived.              ______________________________________________


9. You/not/make more coffee. We/enough.    ______________________________________________


10. I love/not/get up early on Sundays.          ______________________________________________


11. He can't see. He/wear glasses.                  ______________________________________________


12. How many sides/a pentagon?                   ______________________________________________


13. Babies/teeth when they're born?               ______________________________________________


14. We/very bad weather at the moment.       ______________________________________________


15. What time/you usually/breakfast?             ______________________________________________


16. You/a good time on holiday?                   ______________________________________________


17. She/a headache yesterday?                       ______________________________________________


18. How many lessons/you/a week?               ______________________________________________


19. I/enough cash, so I/pay by cheque. (past) ______________________________________________


20. I/not/time to look at the report. I'm busy. ______________________________________________


Viv's 'Have' worksheet