Name:            Viviane



Date:              11/14/14


Comment:    I've been teaching for more than 28 years and your site has always been

                        very helpful. You must a great teacher! Thanks for sharing!


Name:            Maggi



Date:              19/5/2014


Comment:    Thanks for your very sensible and error-free worksheets. Ive been using

                        them for ages and always go to your site first when looking for help -




Name:            MILTIADIS



Date:              15-01-2014


Comment:    EXCELLENT!!


Name:            Arina



Date:              24/05


Comment:    Simply thanks for the first time - You have been one step further than

                        me. Your flow charts are unusual that's why students will probably

                        remember them!


Name:            ?


Date:              30-Dec.-2012


Comment:    ...this will help me a lot in my presentation to my sixth graders here in



                        Your hard work and contribution is appreciated. I to, wish you and your staff

                        (?) a very prosperous New Year.


Name:            Maria



Date:              04/11/2012


Comment:    Hi! I'm an English teacher from Spain, and I just wanted to say that your web

                        is AMAZING! It has helped me a lot to plan my lessons, thanks!


Name:            Tony



Date:              30.9.12


Comment:    I really appreciate visiting your site and I have found it extremely useful for

                        my teaching.



Name:            Anna



Date:              September 10, 2012


Comment:    Thanks sooooo much for sharing your resources. I appreciate it



Name:            Tamara



Date:              July 2012


Comment:    Great job Viv!


Name:            Leonardo



Date:              29/06/2012


Comment:    Hi Viv, I'm Brazilian and I'm an ESOL teacher in London. I work for *****

                        University London campus and I've come across your very interesting

                        website and I'd to congratulate you for it. I'll refer my students to it and hope

                        they'll be able to enjoy it as well


Name:            Amanda



Date:              22 June, 2012


Comment:    I just want to thank you for sharing so much with us students and teachers

                         out here. My student turned me onto your website. Your Linking Words

                        chart is great. Obrigado/Gracias/Thank you/Shukran!


Name:            Fran

Date:              16/05/2012

Comment::   Hi Viv, I am a Brit who has been living and teaching English in southern

                        Brazil (Porto Alegre)for the last 18 years. I recently found your site and have

                        used the excellent word order material with just about all my students. This

                        email is to say THANK YOU


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