abderrahman (24TH SEPTEMBER 2010)



Roman (Sept/24/2010)

This information is very useful. Thanks for taking your time to help students and other teachers!!! May God bless you!!!


Jane Percival (30 August 2010)

Thank you for the lovely worksheets on prefixes and suffixes - they have been really good with my IELTS students in pre-session grammar lessons!


Deb Breech (8/11/10)

Used the prefix/suffix worksheet with intermediate students. Really made them think! Thanks!


Nancy Narbut (July 26, 2010)

I'm using your modal verbs material for my classes at University of Sulaimania in Iraq. Thank you!!!


Silvie Araujo (25/7/2010)

Hi Viv, I've visited your site by coincidence but I have to let you know that I like it very much. Ive spend 3 day reading everything I could find here and I've enjoyed it. Thank you for creating this website. Keep up with the good work. Thanks again, Silvie.


Andrea Tongue (13/07/2010)

This is a fantastic resource site for teachers with clear explanations. My students have a better understanding and appreciation of linking words. Thank you Viv.


Claudia Ribeiro (16/05/2010)

Useful tips about CAE, thank you!


norma (11/04/10)

a really interesting site



Thank you very much for the linking words. I am from Switzerland and your list was a big help for me.


nailya (31 January)

I'm the teacher of English from Yekaterinburg in Russia. I really appreciate your help to all the teachers presenting teaching material at your site.


Fatima (30-1-2010)

A Great Site! :)


Elizabeth (1/13/2010)

Hi Viv - Thanks for making all this info available online! I've been teaching adult ESL a few years now, but I feel like I'm just beginning to deliver the type of classes my students need and deserve. I had no idea teaching could be so complex and TIME CONSUMING!


ceres maria velloso (Jan /9th /2009)

I liked your site. I'm a teacher in a polytechnic here in Brazil, precisely in Itanhaém-SP. I will suggest your site to my students.

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