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Language Tools

On-line picture dictionary 

Mono-lingual English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Portuguese-English bi-lingual dictionary

English-Portuguese bi-lingual dictionary

English - Portuguese phrasebook for travellers (IInntermediate -)

English - Portuguese vocabulary for travellers (IInntermediate +)

Other dictionaries - this site includes links to bi-lingual dictionaries in several languages.

Web-based translation programs. Write words or sentences in English or various other languages, and receive the translation on-line. 

ATTENTION! Sentences are often translated into English in an unnatural way. If you want an important document translated, ask someone with a good level of English to check the translation. 

Google translate 

Alta vista Translations

Conversion tools

Convert money, measurements and shoe size

Percentage calculator

What's the time in different parts of the world?

On-line reference books (encyclopedia, world factbook, quotations, literature etc.)


On-line reference books            

A twentieth century quiz

Maps showing the content of Viv's web site.

Content of 'The teacher' link

Content of 'The students' link

Content of 'Practice your English' link

World maps and weather

Weather, travel information and world maps

International telephone dialing codes

Country and region dialing codes