A twentieth century quiz

by Viv Quarry (www.vivquarry.com)


Use the 'On-line reference books' link, which can be found in the 'Language tools and web site maps' section of Viv's web site. Select the 'Columbus Encyclopedia', then in the first search box select 'Entry Word' instead of 'Full Text'. For a new search, just click on either 'Contents' or 'Encyclopedia' at the top of the page.


1.     When did Queen Victoria die?

2.     What happened in 1914 which was used as a pretext for the start of World War 1?

3.     When was the artistic style of surrealism founded?

4.     What happened in September 1939 which caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany signalling the start of  World War 2?

5.     When was the first all-purpose electronic digital computer completed?

6.     When did Albert Einstein die?

7.     What did Neil Armstrong say when he landed on the moon in 1969.

8.     How old was Bill Gates when he founded Microsoft in 1974?

9.     When did Bob Marley die?

10. Who developed the World Wide Web available on the internet in the summer of 1991?  

The Columbia Encyclopedia

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