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Vocabulary worksheets

When you click on the blue links,  the first page you will usually see will be a page with exercises. After you've tried doing these, click on the link to the worksheet at the bottom of the page and you will find Viv's explanations on this area of the English language.

Worksheets suitable for beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate students.

English spelling rules 1

English pronunciation rules (final 's' and 'ed')

Worksheets suitable for intermediate students.

Articles (A/An/The or 'X')

English punctuation

False friends (English/Portuguese)        Link to false friends information False Friends

Irregular verbs     

Link to list of irregular verbs Irregular verbs with translations into Portuguese.

Numbers, time, dates & prices

Relative clauses

British and American English

USA V UK    Link to USA v UK information USA v UK

Worksheets suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced students.

Abbreviations & acronyms

Describing trends

Prefixes and suffixes

Prepositions of position and adverbs of movement

English spelling rules 2

Phrasal verbs


Viv's Vocabulary Database is a program designed to help you learn new words. It is a Microsoft Access database. For more information about the program and free download page, click on the link below:

Viv's Vocabulary Database

How can I learn new words? Here is a copy of Viv's worksheet on learning vocabulary. 

Learning Vocabulary