How to be a Carioca - Lessons 18 & 19

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1.      Before reading lesson 18, try to match the words and expressions on the left with the meanings on the right.

                        1) urge (n)                               ____ badly dressed

                        2) outlaw (v)                            ____ nice feeling

                        3) racket (n)                            ____ prohibit

                        4) milling around (idiom)          ____ hard protective covering for a broken leg

                        5) thrive (v)                             ____ desire

                        6) scruffy (adj)                         ____ someone's children

                        7) (plaster) cast (n)                  ____ illegal operation

                        8) coating (n)                           ____ see something as being bad

                        9) gratification (n)                    ____ waiting suspiciously

                        10) be frowned upon (idiom)   ____ covering

                        11) offspring (n)                       ____ grow healthily


Now read lesson 18 and check your answers.


2.      Add one more "jeitinho" for facing queues, then put those listed on p.117 into order depending on your preference .









3.      Separate the types of queue on page 118 into the correct category depending on when they happen. Can you add one more type of queue to each category?

a)      Queues which occur at a specific time (state what time):






b)     Queues which occur on a specific day (state which day):






c)      Queues which occur during a specific event (state which event):







d)     Queues which can occur at any time: