Viv's Marking Scheme



        = Wrong word                           E.g. "I'm England."

        = Spelling mistake                      E.g. "I'm Inglish."

        = Grammar mistake                    E.g. "I is English."

        = Missing word                           E.g. "I English."                  

        = Word order error                     E.g. "English I am."

        = Punctuation or                         E.g. "Im English."

                CAPITAL LETTER mistake   E.g. "I'm english."

(  )        = Remove a word                       E.g. "I'm an English."

        = Viv doesn't understand!           E.g. "I'm Ehlsing."

*           = See footnote at the bottom of the page.


Note! All the examples above are incorrect. The correct form is "I'm English."

When writing compositions, please leave a margin on the left of the page.