Practice word formation exercises

by Viv Quarry (


The swimmer who won the gold medal seems to move through the water _______________ EFFORT

Thanks to their neighbours _______________ they managed to collect enough money. GENEROUS

The message couldn't be understood because of the _______________ of the keyword. OMIT

He gave me a _______________ of nuts and raisins. HAND

Her son has grown so much that all his trousers need _______________. LONG

He had to be punished for _______________. OBEY

Although he arrived _______________, we were able to give him a meal. EXPECT

The number of _______________ has increased so much that they called the police. THIEF

Because of the train strike, it will be _______________ to get to London. POSSIBLE

We could hear the dog barking _______________ as we walked up the path. ANGER

Since the roads are very icy, please drive home _______________. CARE

More and more people are refusing to eat _______________ vegetables. FREEZE

_______________ is a wonderful hobby, but it can be quite expensive. PHOTOGRAPH

Most jobs now require some sort of _______________. QUALIFY

The exciting thing about Judo is that skill is as important as _______________. STRONG

The _______________ of this year's competition will get a wonderful prize. WIN

The earthquake caused terrible _______________. DESTROY

His wife's spending habits turned him into a _______________ . BEG

It is with great _______________ that we award you the first prize. PLEASE

We sent it back to the shop because it wasn't _______________ for our purpose. SUIT

The discussion was brought to a _______________ conclusion. SATISFY

Although we tried hard, all our efforts ended in _______________. FAIL

As I'm such an _______________ driver, I think you should drive. EXPERIENCE

"Could you lend me five pounds?" he asked _______________. HOPE

He was in such a state of _______________ that he could hardly speak. ANGRY

Unless you measure with the greatest _______________, it won't fit properly. ACCURATE

In his _______________ to make himself understood, he spoke too slowly. ANXIOUS

_______________ his working life he has been saving for a trip round the world. THROUGH

Her writing is very bad: I can't even read her  _______________. SIGN

All classes  _______________ in January will end in April. BEGIN

The cat examined the new kind of food  _______________. SUSPECT

Now she is earning money she feels more  _______________. DEPEND

The arrested man could give no _______________ for his actions. EXPLAIN

It is really _______________ that you and your cousin have never met.  ORDINARY

My teacher _______________ me to take the examination. COURAGE

The two political parties have _______________ attitudes to the problem. OPPOSE

I made him _______________ for being so rude. APOLOGY

There is a _______________ that life exists on other planets. BELIEVE

As he was so well trained, winning the race was _______________ easy. COMPARE

I should like to hear a _______________ of opinions on this matter, not just one. VARY

This skirt is too short, so I must have it _______________ . LONG

Archaeologists located the walls of the old city at a _______________ of several metres. DEEP

There were scenes of great _______________ when the results were announced. EXCITE

They must accept the _______________ of the court. DECIDE

He made a _______________ against the government official. COMPLAIN

There was no _______________ for them to make two separate journeys. NECESSARY

To guarantee _______________ to the course you should apply in writing. ADMIT

_______________ he failed his driving test. FORTUNE

He was so _______________ by the play that he fell asleep. BORE

A _______________ of food will, one day, be a world problem. SHORT

The sound of happy _______________ showed that they were enjoying the party. LAUGH

He was so rude that she told her friends how _______________ he had behaved. POLITE

The circus is always a big _______________ for children. ATTRACT

The visitors gazed in _______________ at the view. ADMIRE