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Compositions by current and ex-students

`New Technology` by Hafidh Alawaidy.

Hafidh is in Viv`s Grade 12/3 General Class and this quote by Steve Jobs was sent to the teacher via Whatsapp..
New Technology


A composition: 'My sister' by Beatriz Revilla.

Beatriz works for Chevron Brazil and has completed the intermediate level of English. She has been studying English with Viv since July 2002.
My sister

A film review of 'Chocolate' by Paula Costa.

Paula had classes with Viv from when he first started teaching privately in 1996 until December 2004. She took and passed both the Cambridge FCE  and  the Cambridge Advanced Examinations with grade B, and started preparing for Cambridge Proficiency Examination. She works for Queiroz Galvão Perfurações.

Description of a friend by Fernanda Taylor.

Fernanda started her English course at the pre-intermediate level in November 1999. She successfully completed both this level and  the intermediate levels. She works for Chevron Brazil.
My best friend

Holiday, Goals, My brother and a comparison of Rio and Volta Redonda by Melissa Lemos.

Melissa worked on improving her English with Viv from September 2000 to December 2005. She completed the intermediate level and then passed Cambridge First Certificate in English. She works at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
Holidays, goals and my brother

My typical day by Marliana de Souza

Marliana started her English course in June 2000 at the beginner level. As well as this level, she has successfully completed elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.
My typical day

Compositions by ex-students and those featured in past editions of the Newsletter.

What rain can bring by Barbara Boavista

Learning English, by Cristina Pose

A comparison of New York, London and Rio, by Cynthia Valença

A Biography of the President of Brazil "Luiz Inácio 'Lula' da Silva" by Danusa Fernandes

A Biography of the President of Brazil "Luiz Inácio 'Lula' da Silva" by Junior

A Biography of the President of Brazil "Luiz Inácio 'Lula' da Silva" by Samara

A film review by Kilda Magalhães

A letter from an ex-student on life in Sydney in Australia, by Marcio Coimbra

A trip to the Amazon Rain forest by Monica Jaen

Studying English by Raphael Faria

Titanic by Ricardo Milone

Bounce by Samara Oliveira

A review of Central Station by Vilma Morais