Test your level of English.
If you are one of Viv's students, before you started your course you were given a test to evaluate your level of English.
As you work on improving your English, you should be able to answer more and more of the questions confidently.

The level 1 test is designed to assess students at Beginner, Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels.

The level 2 test is for Intermediate students.

The level 3 test is for Upper-intermediate and Advanced level students.

If you want to test yourself again, make a copy of the test, answer it, and send it to Viv by e-mail. However, only expect improvement in areas you have already studied. Viv will not evaluate any tests which are not appropriate to the student's level.

By far the best way of evaluating someone's level of English is by face-to-face interview and evaluation of a composition written by the student. Therefore, if you really want to improve, ALWAYS complete your written homework, and concentrate on the areas at the back of your notebook.
Is my English improving?
Level 1 Assessment test
Level 2 Assessment test
Level 3 Assessment test
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Viv using
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