British Newspaper Worksheet

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Daily newspapers

British daily newspapers can be divided into two main categories depending on their style, and various sub-categories relating to their political bias.

1. The tabloids

Tabloids are newspapers produced for entertainment rather than to provide serious news. They are usually the size of a large magazine with lots of pictures and focus on sex, crime and scandal.

The Daily Star (Sex & scandal)

The Sun (Politically right-wing and nationalistic + sex & scandal)

The Daily Mirror (Politically left-wing + sex & scandal)

2. National daily newspapers

The daily newspapers (with the exception of the Daily Express) are full-size newspapers which include current affairs, national and international news and sports sections.

The Daily Telegraph (Politically right-wing)

The Times (Centre-right / establishment)

The Daily Express (Right-wing)

The Daily Mail (Centre-right)

The Independent (Centre)

The Guardian (Centre-left)

3. Evening papers

These editions come on sale in the late-afternoon, and are popular with commuters returning home from work.

The Evening Standard (Centre-right, sports and entertainment)

4. The Sunday papers

The Sunday papers are usually more expensive than their daily equivalents, and generally include a magazine and special sections on travel, finance etc. Many tabloids also have a Sunday version.

The Sunday Times (Centre/investigative)

The Observer (Centre/investigative)

The Sunday Telegraph (Right-wing)

The Independent on Sunday (Centre-left)

5. Local papers

Most UK regions have local papers produced weekly or daily with news of local events, politics, social news and local sports news.

On-line British newspapers

British Newspapers - Exercises

By Viv Quarry


1. What was the leading story on p.1 about?

2. Write a brief summary of two items from the national news section.

3. Write a brief summary of two items from the international news section.

4. Write a brief summary of one item from the business section.

5. Write a brief summary of one item from the sports section.

6. Choose an advertisement, describe it and say why it attracted your attention. What page was it on?

7. Choose one tv programme that you would like to have watched and say why.

8. What was the weather like in London?

9. What was the weather like in Rio?

10. How many dollars would 1 buy on that day?

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